MCK- Mallory Christine Kraus :)

  I grew up in a small town outside of Vernon and my passion for human movement started at an early age. As a wee little kid I played outside from sunrise to sunset, I explored every movement pattern I could. I climbed, tumbled, ran, and jumped around to pass the time away. As the years went on I signed up for every sport I could, even though Basketball eventually stole my heart.  During the off season I turned to other sports, I needed to keep my body moving, and my brain constantly firing.

Fast forward to a couple years down the road, when I turned 17 and needed to know what career path I was going to go down. With some research and soul searching I knew my passion was still dealing with human movement. I dove head first into the Strength and Conditioning industry and have been in the industry for 9 years and counting! Along the way I have kept my foot in the door with sports by coaching Basketball at the high school level, as well as becoming a Sportball Coach.

The meaning of true athleticism, and the idea of sport still sets my soul on fire. I am Okanagan’s First International Youth Fitness Specialist, and I specialize in Youth Athletics. Here my athletes will learn the fundamentals of training which will help them grow into a confident, well rounded, and strong athlete. The skills they learn now will follow them through future athletic pursuits. All training is age appropriate focusing on: an initial movement assessment, Mobility and prep, strength & conditioning, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and recovery training. 

I want my clients to unlock their true potential, explore movement, and to never stop learning about what their body is capable of.

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Dayton Ricketts

Great little read! :) Thanks for sharing Mal!

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