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Our son was looking to increase his strength & athleticism to complement his skill based basketball training. After a functional movement assessment Mallory was able to identify areas of imbalance and developed an individual plan to help address those & meet his athletic goals. Over the course of his season he was fit & strong. Even his physio noticed a difference in his strength & balance. Mallory is motivating, dedicated and fun. We would highly recommend her to any athlete looking to take their sport to the next level.

Kim & Nathan Bartel


While working with Mallory over the past year I have transformed.  Her non judgmental approach is supportive, engaging, & focused. I have a great deal of respect for this young professional & would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer /coach.

Ryan Jokinen


The best trainer in the Okanagan. My son is 1st year Pee Wee in Vernon Minor hockey, the difference in his strength this season isn’t comparable to last season because of his sessions with Mallory!

Maria Murray

Mallory is a wonderful trainer! She has a lot of knowledge to share, and is great at listening and adjusting moves to suit your body's needs as necessary. I felt like I was "starting at the bottom" after having 3 kids, and with her guidance in focusing on breath work and doing the movements with proper form, I am in good shape again after only a few months time. Each week I have experienced progress leading to significant growth in my strength and capabilities. Mallory is welcoming, she keeps things diverse and fun, encourages you along the way, and shares in the small personal victories that add up to big change and a healthy lifestyle!

Erica Verhage

Who is part of the MCK Community?

•Athletes who are looking for extra support to help them reach their next level of competition, or are looking to build their overall athleticism. ⠀⠀

•Awesome humans who are looking to simply become stronger and move well to become injury free. We want you to be able to move through life with confidence and be able to conquer any trials that life may throw your way. ⠀⠀

MCK Athletics Training & Health is a place that welcomes new faces, leads with current science based training, and guarantees that each member will be taken care of and their goals will be achieved.

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