Don’t hate on Mondays, and don’t fear the sun going down Sunday nights. Mondays are a great day, its the start of another week in which you get to love, laugh, and make memories. Although the “Monday blues ” is a real thing, and I feel ya. lets rewind to 8 years ago when I would wake up and drag my butt to this “job” that most definitely enhanced the “Monday blues” feeling. This job was my in between job, only working there until I reached the next stepping stone to get myself down the path where I wanted to be.  It was the kind of job where I watched the clock all day long, counted the seconds till closing, and where my brain was put on snooze for 8 hours. If anyone knows me they know my brain is a sponge! I want to soak up new experiences, I want to feel challenged at the work place, I want to continue to push myself to learn new things, and I want to use my creativity!

Now lets fast forward 2 years after that. I finally got myself to the next stage, the stage I call “Mondays now made AWESOME”. I started working at Excel Sport and Health, and I instantly dove into school, learned everything I possibly could at the time, and shortly after unleashed my creativity and passion for my new job. Working as a personal trainer checked off all my boxes of what I wanted in a dream job. The continuing  education, the atmosphere, the endless feeling of always pushing myself to be better, the chance to have fun and experience new things were all there.

Lets fast forward one last time to our current time in 2017. I now own my own business,  MCK Athletics Training & Health. It is safe to say on Sunday nights I am now looking forward to my 5a.m wake up call! I am Ready for Monday morning, I don’t care if I wake up with the moon or that I go to bed with the sun. I have fought hard to get rid of those “Monday blues”. The minute I pull up to work and step foot onto the turf I am in my happy place, and no job on earth can top the one I have right here. I get to train some amazing and talented athletes, I also get to work with some unreal clients who are striving to be the best version of themselves.  I get to light the fire in my clients, I get to help make positive changes in their lives, and last but not least I get to have fun in doing so.

I want you to take one thing away, its not Mondays that suck.. Its your job.

Find your passion, find your calling, find what lights your soul on fire and pursue it!

Make Mondays the best day of the week.

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